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Passionate and experienced communicator, Ricardo is the referential journalist in Spain dedicated to the  promotion of sustainable mobility.

He is a conference speaker and host of various programs, debates and events related to sustainability and sustainable mobility.

With articles and reports published in prestigious media from all over the world, including The Washington Post, World News & World Report, New York News Day and Daily News. In the past he has interviewed many politicians and figures of the world economy, as a news reporter and host of international news reports in TVE (Spanish Television) and in the channel 24h. Nowadays, he presents and directs the only audiovisual program dedicated to promote information regrading sustainable mobility, “Emisión Cero TV”. 

Concerning the dependence of fossil fuels, Ricardo is convinced of the paradigm shift in our world economy, and therefore acts as a sustainability ambassador in all forums in which he takes part in, with talks and advisories that take place in a university, business or political environment. Whatever the event or conference, he transmits and spreads his passion for the rational use and generation of clean energy, free of pollutant emissions, applied to the transport of people and goods.

To present and  host your event or hire his services as a sustainability consultant and communicator, get in touch here or through social media. Thank you.

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Skål United Nations World Tourism Organization  Award to journalist Ricardo Fraguas Poole, in recognition for his dedication to the promotion and divulgation of Sustainability  and Sustainable Tourism. 

Access to the conference "Sustainability and Tourism" given by Ricardo himself during the award ceremony can be seen here.


Ricardo Fraguas Poole photographed with the Skål United Nations World Tourism Organization  Award, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.07.57.jpg
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